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Автомобиль сбил двух Узбекистанцев и скрылся, один скончался на месте
Автомобиль сбыл двух Узбекистанцев и скрылся, один скончался на месте,..
С 15 июля иностранцам начнут выдавать электронные визы и разрешат 5-суточный безвизовый въезд
Для иностранных туристов упрощен порядок получения виз в Узбекистан. С..
Мирзиёев на будущей неделе отправится в США с трехдневным визитом
Президент Узбекистана Шавкат Мирзиёев по приглашению Президента Соединенных Штатов Америки..
  Узбекистан вводит безвизовый режим для 7 стран. Безвизовый режим..


Ассалому алейкум, менга угилчамга Апостил керак, уни каерда килиш керак, Элчихона килиб беришадими? - Элчихона хеч кандай хужжатга апостил куймайди. Хужжатларга..
Савол:  Мен Узбекистонга Элчихона оркали нотариал тасдикланган ишончнома ва ариза юборишим керак. Жами иккита хужжат юборишим лозим. Мен Вашингтон шахридаги..
Узбекистон конунлари, шу жумладан Узбекистон Республикасининг фукаролик тугрисида конуни, барча Узбекистон фукаролари учун тенг юридик кучга эга булган норматив-хукукий хужжат..
Посольство Узбекистана в Вашингтоне и Генеральное консульство Узбекистана в Нью-Йорке не продлевает паспорт, а обменивает на новый в связи с..


Sevara, January 25, 2017
Здравствуйте уважаемые создатели сайта Узрек, очень благодарна Вам за столь большой набор полезных статей. Очень пригодилась мне, почти все статьи..
Humoyun, December 12, 2016
Assalomu aleykum. Saytdan men judo xursand ancha menga yordam berdilaring
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About the project

About the project

Welcome to free advertisement website of Uzbek community, located at the web address WWW.UZ-REK.COM

For us it is important that you and other visitors of our site would be convenient to use it. Also in the process of using the site you should have been aware of the arising in this connection juridical rights and obligations.

WWW.UZ-REK.COM is a free billboard designed for users of the United States of America, Uzbekistan and Canada; it has incorporated in itself all the best and useful. WWW.UZ-REK.COM provides users of the website with comfortable interface, fast and efficient working and processing requests, as well as free advertisement ads.

We deemed it necessary to create a billboard exactly for Uzbek immigrants, because they are becoming more and more abroad especially in the USA and Canada. Many of them do not know what to do abroad for the first time; some are looking for job vacancies, place to live and more, while spending a lot of money. That's why this site was created, to help you during your staying abroad, and make your being there comfortable as much as it possible. On all these and other questions you can find out more answers on our website in section "Useful Hints"( ). Here we have placed all the most interesting and actual themes concerning the immigration issues and the life of Uzbek people in America.

 As an example of website opportunities, we present some functions:

• Forum of Uzbek community ( ), where you can find answers on many of your questions.

• Multilingual; site is available not only in English and Russian, but in Uzbek too.

• Different regions, including not only other countries, but also different cities of Uzbekistan, the United States and Canada.

• Pleasant, user-friendly interface.

• Step by step adding advertisements with special parameters for particular sections.

• Granting possibility of placement special offers.

• The ability to add an unlimited number of photos and videos up to 10 mb.

• The ability to add comments to photos and videos.

• Special filters for each section, which serve to a more efficient search of the necessary advertisements.

• Functional personal account for both private users and for the company.

• Views and opening advertisements statistics.

• Advanced possibilities to select ads and other paid services.

• The ability to place banner advertisements on certain sections.

• Efficient search with the ability to look further into search results.

We welcome your suggestions. Thank you for visiting.


admin   26.08.2015 15:50:58   Reply
Удачи нам в нашем проекте
Azick   01.09.2015 03:03:15   Reply
Good site! I like it!))
Ravshan   21.10.2015 23:36:55   Reply
Juda kerakli loyiha. Portal AQSh dagi Uzbeklar uchun qimmatli ma'lumot manbaiga aylanishiga ishonaman
Elbek   22.11.2015 11:52:31   Reply
Site menga juda yoqdi, uylaymanki bunaqa site juda kerak edi bizlarga bu yerda. Agar xabarlar bo'limi bo'lsa undan ham zo'r bo'lar edi. Men hamma tanish bilishlarimga aytaman saytingiz haqida. Ishlaringizga omad tilayman.

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