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Автомобиль сбил двух Узбекистанцев и скрылся, один скончался на месте
Автомобиль сбыл двух Узбекистанцев и скрылся, один скончался на месте,..
С 15 июля иностранцам начнут выдавать электронные визы и разрешат 5-суточный безвизовый въезд
Для иностранных туристов упрощен порядок получения виз в Узбекистан. С..
Мирзиёев на будущей неделе отправится в США с трехдневным визитом
Президент Узбекистана Шавкат Мирзиёев по приглашению Президента Соединенных Штатов Америки..
  Узбекистан вводит безвизовый режим для 7 стран. Безвизовый режим..


Ассалому алейкум, менга угилчамга Апостил керак, уни каерда килиш керак, Элчихона килиб беришадими? - Элчихона хеч кандай хужжатга апостил куймайди. Хужжатларга..
Савол:  Мен Узбекистонга Элчихона оркали нотариал тасдикланган ишончнома ва ариза юборишим керак. Жами иккита хужжат юборишим лозим. Мен Вашингтон шахридаги..
Узбекистон конунлари, шу жумладан Узбекистон Республикасининг фукаролик тугрисида конуни, барча Узбекистон фукаролари учун тенг юридик кучга эга булган норматив-хукукий хужжат..
Посольство Узбекистана в Вашингтоне и Генеральное консульство Узбекистана в Нью-Йорке не продлевает паспорт, а обменивает на новый в связи с..


Sevara, January 25, 2017
Здравствуйте уважаемые создатели сайта Узрек, очень благодарна Вам за столь большой набор полезных статей. Очень пригодилась мне, почти все статьи..
Humoyun, December 12, 2016
Assalomu aleykum. Saytdan men judo xursand ancha menga yordam berdilaring
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User Agreement

User Agreement and Policy of site

By accessing, browsing or using our WWW.UZ-REK.COM site, you admit that you have read, understood and agreed to the rules described below. In case of disagreement with the rules, the use of the site by the user should be stopped.

User Agreement may be changed at the discretion of Administrator at any time without any special notification to the User. The new version of the User Agreement, amendments and supplements thereto shall become effective upon posting on the Site, if the Administrator had not expressly noted other. Regular familiarization with the current version of the User Agreement is the responsibility of the User. Use of the Site after the entry into force of the new edition of the User Agreement, amendments and supplements thereto, and agrees to all such modifications or additions.

Terms used in this User Agreement

Administrator - manager, official representative and expert on database maintenance, working for the institution.

User- persons who have all the necessary powers in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, United States of America and the Republic of Canada to enter into this User Agreement.

Site - website hosted on the Internet and available at WWW.UZ-REK.COM (and in all domains of the following levels related to this address), which is a totality of objects of exclusive rights and other elements, including, but not limited to, computer programs, databases, graphic design of interface (design), any individual design elements, names and so forth.

Commodity - any goods, products, services and offers, for which the user has posted on the website announcements.

Announcement - compensated or uncompensated proposal for implementation, acquisition, use of commodities and / or drawing attention to the products to be placed by the User on the Website in their own interests or in the interests of third parties.

Seller - the user who posted announcements on website.

Buyer – user browsed announcements posted by Seller or had interaction with the Seller in regard to any announcements.

Credentials - unique username (email address) and password created in the user registration process on the website used to access the User's Personal account by the authorization.

Registration - a set of user actions, including the provision of credentials and other information, realized by the users using a special form of user interface of the Site in order to create personal account to access site’s additional services.

 Services - opportunities (tools, algorithms, methods) provided by the Administrator on the site, and allow users to post, search, and view announcements and any other capabilities and features available on the Website.

User Agreement - this agreement, and any other documents and / or the rules governing the operation of the website or the individual services provided on the site.

Authorization - user identification by administering into the appropriate fields on the site credentials.

Personal account - personal user page, formed after the registration, access to which is granted to the User as a result of authorization.


In order to post announcement and have access to other features of the site, you need to register. It is prohibited to enter false information when registering. It is not allowed to register multiple accounts. You can not post same within the meaning announcements by different accounts. Registration persons under 13 years are prohibited. Otherwise, the accounts will be deleted.


The announcement should contain the most detailed information about a product / service that you offer / seek. It is not allowed to specify the incorrect information in the announcement, including the indication of prices does not corresponding to the actual price of the goods / services. It is not allowed to use other people’s texts or pictures \ videos. It is forbidden to place pictures \ videos do not describing the goods \ services or post pictures \ videos, affecting political, ethnic, national issues. Otherwise, the user can be charged by the administration of site, and from the representatives of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, United States of America and the Republic of Canada.

It is allowed only one offer of certain goods or services in one announcement. The exception is a proposal "kit" which is sold / rented entirely, with the price for the full kit.

Short description

Short description must correspond to the content of the announcement and carry information about the proposed /sought after product / service. In Short description and detailed text of announcement it is not allowed specifying the price, contact details (phone number, address, e-mail, etc.), it is better to indicate that the link to the site below in contact details or profile (e.g. more announcements are on the link below), the address of the site (except links to the detailed text that describes your product or service, moreover, the link must be only additional information to the text of the announcement and should not lead to your site).It is banned using in short descriptions upper-case letters, except for the first letter uppercase words and proper names. Only abbreviations can be written in the upper register entirely. Do not use repeated exclamation and question marks, dots and other signs.

Do not repeat!

Do not post multiple announcements for the same product, service, and etc. Herewith announcement will be considered repeated, even if it was posted in different section, other section of announcements or changed text of announcement.

Editing and deleting

Registered users of the site can edit or delete their announcements in their personal account. After editing an announcement is not posted again, it remains in the same place. It is prohibited to use Edit and Delete to hold an announcement in the top position.

Posting photos and videos

Photo and video must correspond to the information described in the announcement. Photo / video must not contain a link to a website or contact information: phone, e-mail, etc.

Posting the telephone number

The phone number is a required parameter in the registration and must be unique. It is prohibited to indicate other people's phone numbers. The phone number can be entered only in the specially designated field.

Illegal announcements

It is forbidden announcements containing obscene words, pornography, offensive or disrespectful remarks in someone's address, propaganda of war, violence, infringement of the honor and dignity of the person and other information forbidden for distribution by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, United States of America and the Republic of Canada.

Prohibited announcements

It is not allowed give announcements on the purchase and sale, exchange and donation of: state awards, labor books, diplomas of educational institutions, passports, identity cards and other personal documents, As well as forms of these documents; arms, ammunition and explosives; drugs; medical products; internal organs; pornographic materials and other goods or services, the circulation of which is prohibited or restricted by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, United States of America and the Republic of Canada.

Posting announcements on the products subject to mandatory certification

If the announcement contains products subject to mandatory certification, for the posting on the website information on these products, the applicant must send a scanned copy of the certificate of conformity and / or put in the announcement information simultaneously with the announcement (certified product).

Posting announcements of licensed services

If the service indicated in the announcement is subject to licensing, before posting on the website information about this service, the applicant must send a scanned copy of the license and / or put in the announcement about the availability of the license simultaneously with the announcement (the service is licensed).

Term and conditions

Announcements created by you, may be on the site for a period of week or no specific time limit. At the end of the term of your announcement it becomes inactive. But it is not deleted from the site. Therefore the announcement with expired deadline should be removed or updated.

Contact with other users

It is forbidden to send users through a contact form or by other means messages of advertising character, which the recipient does not wish to receive. It is banned posts containing obscene words, pornography, offensive or disrespectful remarks in someone's address propaganda of war, violence, infringement of the honor and dignity of the person and other information forbidden for distribution by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, United States of America and the Republic of Canada.


The announcement should match the theme of the selected category. In the case of items not related to the selected topic, it can be removed. On the site is forbidden to post the company's logo instead of photos of selling products or services.

On our website is forbidden to place any type of medical services and referrals. All medical services will be removed by moderators.

It is prohibited posts of medical products, veterinary drugs, any drugs, some biologically active additives (TM Lida, Dali, Miazomi, Basha, Tongkat), steroids, anabolic steroids, Viagra. If you are selling dietary supplements, be sure to specify in your announcement text the fact that the drug is a dietary supplement.

Pay attention:

- The section "All Others" is not appropriate for your announcement if our website already contains a section for this category.

- In the section "Services" is prohibited post announcements on the sale of any kind of commodities.

In the catalog "Children Goods":

- "Toys and Gifts", "Baby carriages and furniture "," Items for the school" and "Car Seats "- in this section, the user can only sell product, not a service. All announcements related to the provision of services will be redirected by the moderators to the section" All Others "

In the section "Clothing, Shoes and Accessories":

It is permitted to post in one announcement a few items for sell, if the goods are from single subheadings. Price of any of these goods should be indicated in the price form.

It is forbidden post an announcement with an offer of several goods belonging to different subheadings.

Exception: the sale of diverse products (from different subtopics) in one set for the total price.


The site administration is not liable for the wrongful actions of other users, for any damage to user’s hardware or software, arising from use of the site, for the inability to use the site, for any damage, loss or expense arising in connection with this website, its use or inability to use.

Website administration is not responsible for the content and authenticity of announcements: for the quality, safety, legality of goods and services, advertised, purchased or obtained through the use of advertising information contained on the website, their possible discrepancy to generally accepted standards or expectations of the User, for the consequences of the use of information obtained by the User, or  for the consequences of posting by user any kind of personal information, for any direct or consequential loss arising from  the use of the site.

All responsibility for the content and authenticity of announcements carries the advertiser.

Deleting announcements

The site administration reserves the right to edit or delete announcements without explanation if it does not meet our posting guidelines, contrary to the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, United States of America and the Republic of Canada.

The site administration reserves the right to restrict access to the site, to the various pages of the website or services, for temporary or complete blocking of the user to delete the registration without further explanation in the case of violation of the rules or suspicion in illegal actions.

Use of information

The copying, reproduction, distribution or any other use of the information contained on this site is possible only with prior written permission from the site administration.


Users agree that after the publication of announcements on all personal property and non-property rights to the announcements (including the right to: use the announcements under the name of the administration (also without a name), to disclose or authorize the disclosure announcements in any form (right of disclosure) including the right of withdrawal; post announcements; distribute announcements to bring announcements to the public (right of communication to the public); adaptation or other transformation of the announcements; public presentation of the work - the right of public presentation; translate announcements, re-advert report to the public) transferred to administration of the site.


Administration of this site uses a variety of tools to protect personal data against unauthorized access or disclosure. However, the administration of a site does not guarantee and is not responsible for the actions of third parties, who carried out unauthorized access to confidential information about users and also reserves the right to transfer personal data and user IP-address to the injured party, its representatives, state organizations and structures in connection with potential or arising conflicts and litigation, in case of violation by the User of these Terms or if it will be necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of the operation mode of other users.

Remember that some of the advertiser and people responded to your announcement can show bad faith in dealing with you. Be careful and prudent.


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